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The Thailand online swimming pool shop and SPTpools:
Where you can buy swimming pool pumps, filters, underwater lights, chemicals, and everything else you need for your pool.

By selecting that you have read and accepted our T&C you confirm also having read and fully understood the pages at PAYMENT and SHIPPING.

If these conditions are not the best solution for you, please consider shopping in a SPT regional store. By  accepting these conditions, you confirm also  having  read, fully understood, and accepted our shipping  methods at SHIPPING.

Protect your rights: Be sure to read the sections pertaining to warranty, shipment, and payment. We protect our rights: fraudulent Credit Card or PayPal chargeback attempts will be internationally blacklisted.

Delays: For whatever reason an order may be delayed or unable to be processed or fulfilled, Swimming Pools Thailand accepts no responsibility for degradation of swimming pool, pond, or aquarium water during down-time, or for the degredation of any related peripheral equipment. Swimming Pools Thailand accepts no responsibility for loss of trade or commercial exploitation during down-time, or delays to construction projects.

These terms and conditions apply to all communications and orders whether processed online, by email, by telephone, fax, by post, or in a Swimming Pools (Thailand) Ltd regional store or accredited agent. 'Working days' and 'Business days' within the context of our Terms & Conditions of trading and shipping are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. They do not include Saturdays, Sundays, public or religious holidays. Persons who  have not placed an order or made a purchase are not considered customers or clients under these Terms &  Conditions. All offers of sale are subject to limits of quotations, possible errors in pricing,  and availability, and are not legally binding.

We reserve the right to terminate your access to our services, or decline an order, at any time, and without notice, for any reason whatsoever. Provided orders have been placed within our Terms & Conditions, and provided Swimming Pools Thailand has acted within its Terms and Conditions, any payments wil be refunded as appropriate.

To better serve our clients, telephone calls may be recorded but under our strict privacy policy are not published or released to third parties except in cases of fraud or litigation where they may be required to be used in evidence.

Summary | Use | Sales | Availability| Refunds & shipping | Fair trading | Confidentiality | WarrantyPasswords | Our rights

Errors, omissions, out of stock

While every care is made to provide accurate information in this website as to pricing, availability and product details, we will not accept responsibility for any errors or omissions, site software errors,  or inability to fulfill an order due to insufficient or unavailable stock.

We reserve the right to cancel your order and not ship goods where they are unavailable or have been priced incorrectly. In this event, we will contact you accordingly and advise of you of the error or omission. According to your instructions we will effect a full refund.

In the event that the product details have been described incorrectly, we will advise you accordingly for your acknowledgement and approval to proceed with your order.

SwimmingPoolsThailand operates competitive prices that are within the acceptable parameters for the Thai market. Prices are fixed and are neither open to custoer negotiation nor to special unauthorised offers by staff. Products may occasionally be temporarily out of stock and the online store software may not have been immediately updated to reflect this. Occasionally, at  our  discretion, more expensive products may offered instead for the price paid. In some cases, if delays are expected beyond advertised shipping times, company policy is either to decline an intended order, or to offer customers an alternative similar product or a superior product at the price they already paid online. If SwimmingPoolsThailand is still unable to fulfil an order, a full refund is effected together with a compensatory voucher to be used on a future order.


We do not promise express deliveries. Online shopping is not  synonymous with speed of order processing and delivery. We and our carriers are closed on all weeekends and public and religious holidays. If your order is URGENT, to avoid disappointment, please check this list  and make adequate provision for shippingtimes. Notwithstanding, SwimmingPoolsThailand accepts no responsibility for delayed order processing or exceeded delivery times.

The carrier is liable for any transport damage, loss, or late deliveries within  their terms of service.

You  must open  all  packages and report  any  shortages or damage withini 7 days (168 hours) of the time/date of receipt.

Für etwaige Transport-schaden, Verluste,  bzw verspätete Lieferungen, haftet der Spediteur. im  Rahmen die AGB

Le transporteur est  responsable pour tout dommage de transport, perte ou retard de livraison zelon  leur conditions de vente.

Thai Post EMS , Thai Post LOGISPOST, and  Kerry Express are very fast,  usually 2 WORKING days to  most areas. However, except for very small packages, you  MUST  COLLECT your Thai  Post shipment(s) from your nearest post office.

Thai Parcels Co.  (generally orders over 20 Kg only and multiple packages) will deliver to  your door, but  DELIVERY  TIMES are 4 - 7 WORKING days or longer.

BULK ORDERS for chemicals (salt, etc), construction materials, and tiles do NOT ship free, even if your  order is over Baht 40,000.00  The shipping cost of some bulk  items is included in  the price, otherwise please make a separate  order for these items.

1. Use of this web site and sales outlets

1.1. Use of this web site is permitted solely for the purposes of viewing the product offer, making purchases, contacting the site operator, and following links to its partners or advertisers. COPYRIGHT: The contents and architectue of this website are covered by  international  and Tha law for commercial  and intellectual property; mass interrogation of the database will result in  the user's IP and any  websites using  pirated content being blocked and blacklisted.

1.2. By purchasing from SwimmingPoolsThailand  all customers agree unconditionally to these general terms & conditions of trading including the  delivery and payment instructions.

1.3. These terms apply to all orders whether placed through the site software, by post, email, fax, telephone, any SwimmingPoolsThailand wholsale or retail outlet, or SwimmingPoolsThailand or SPTpool™ or  a fully accredited agent.

1.4. First purchaser: SwimmingPoolsThailand does not accept responsibility for the end user of any orders placed through any person, persons, agency, or third-party organisation, proxy, or otherwise, that is not a fully accredited agent, subsisdiary, or franchise of SwimmingPoolsThailand.

2. Sales

2.1. All  telepone or verbal order frequire a written  confirmation. Invoices and receceipts  are issued for  all  purchases.

2.2. Our prices include any taxes applicable in Thailand. VAT deductions or refunds cannot be made for products delivered outside Thailand. Payment  is accepted in  Thai Baht only (THB), for your convenience you  may  wish  to  use the CURRNCY CONVERTER  to  see prices in  your home currency  equivalent.

2.3. Default shipping costs are calculated automatically by the site software for each product and are based on Thai postal rates and independent carrier rates, plus a net handling and packing cost for each order.
See Delivery for how to properly receive your goods

2.4. First purchaser: Products offered for sale through this web site are deemed to be for the registered customer's own use. welcomes orders from traders but without  an officially  recognised trade account, SwimmingPoolsThailand accepts no responsibility whatsoever for refunds, returns, or end user support for goods that are purchased for resale, loan, hire, or for use with or for installation in third-party constructions.

2.5. SwimmingPoolsThailand reserves the right to recalculate any displayed or quoted price, shipping, or other cost  that is a result of a typo, misprint, error in the site software, or last minute changes by  the manufacturer, distributor, or third party  service provider. In such cases, customers may decline or cancel an order, and any payment thus affected will be refunded in full or credited towards other purchases. In the event of notified official price, cost, or policy changes, those in effect at the time of confirmation of order by SwimmingPoolsThailand will remain in effect for that order.

2.6. Quotations are not issued for  products with  displayed prices or for  products  on  listed in  price lists. Special quotations are generally valid for 15 days unless otherwise stated. Our competitive prices rely on the largely automated process of online shopping. At our discretion, a supplement may be applied (not exceeding 10%) for the manual processing of orders.

3. Availability

3.1. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, SwimmingpoolsThailand does not provide express delivery beyond delivery services available in Thailand.

3.2. All orders are accepted in good faith according to availablity. and stock.  For items not generally held in stock, especially imported orders,  custom orders, off-line orders, and orders subject to special  manufacture, if we are unable to process or fulfill an order, within  a reasonable time  any payment will be refunded in full including your bank transfer fee. This does not apply to confirmed orders that are subject to a delay in shipping or manufacture beyond  our control. 3.3. No  claims for  delayed order processing or delayed shipping can be addressed.

4. Refunds & shipping

4.1. Shipping times Unless otherwise agreed in writing, SwimmingpoolsThailand does not provide express delivery beyond delivery services available in Thailand.

4.3. There is no  guarantee that multiple items items on an  order wiill  be dispatched together or delivered together. depending  on  distance, weight, and number of parcels, SwimingPoolsThailand chooses the most  convenient  shipping  method. In  som cases, goods asre shipped direct from  the manyafacturer or their agent (drop shipping).

4.4. Refunds are subject to special conditions

4.4.1. Customers' wrong orders may be refunded at our discretion and are subject to a handling fee of ฿100.00 and up to 20% of the purchase price plus transportation if already  dellivered.  See Wrong order - Customer mistake below.
4.4.2. Carriage damage or loss is covered to the extent of the carrier's liability and is the responsibility of the carrier. (See 'Delivery')
4.4.3. Refunds or credits are made after careful inspection of the returned goods. See Wrong order - Customer mistake below.
4.4.4. Repayments for customer wrong  orders: if appropriate, are  made by bank transfer to your Thai bank account - You must take reasonable steps to provide a bank account for accepting refunds.PayPal or  credit card payments will  be refunded through PayPal. refunds through  PayPal for customer error will  be deducted (% (payment  + refund transaction  fee) Wrong order - Customer mistake below
4.4.6. Allow up to 30 working days for processing your refund after receipt of the returned goods.

4.4.7. Deposit refunds: Occasionally a deposit may be required to reserve goods you wish to purchase. This may be for special  made-to-order products or special imports on your  behalf. This facility is extended only to orders with a net value  exceeding  Thai Baht (THB) 200,000.00.

4.4.8. Order cancellation: 10% administrative fee will be deducted from your deposit refund. Refunds may take up to 30 days to process.

4.4.9.Our error or inability to fulfil  the order: No charge. Refunds are made in full and may take up to 7 working days to  process; weekends and holidays excepted

4.5. Defective items (see also  Guarantees and Warranty below)

4.3.1 We provide limited assistance with making a warranty claim. If we can help you in any way in making your warranty claim, we will do our best, but we are under no obligation to do so.  Parts are replaced by a new part or an operational part. In  all cases the travel  expenses and/or on-site labour costs are at the user's expense. In the event of of a return to the workshop the two-way transport costs are at the user's expense, the labour coststs are at the manufacturer's expense.

4.6. Wrong order - Our mistake / unable to fulfil

4.4.1. We reserve the right to ship similar products of the same price or quality or better at  our own additional cost where applicable. If you placed an order and we made the mistake of shipping out the completely wrong goods, we will of course be fully responsible for the fees involved in the pickup of the goods. and sending the correct item(s). Wrong order does not include substitutions for a better quality item or slight variances in colors, etc. This is for completely incorrect items. You must notify us within 7 days of receipt, and the products must be returned in their original undamaged packaging and unopened transparent display packaging. All  refunds are processed as quickly  as administratively  possible excluding  weekends and holidays, and  may take up to 3 business days days.

4.7. Wrong order - Customer mistake

4.7.1. You must notify us by email, fax, or SMS within 48 hours of receipt.

4.7.2. You must ship the product(s) to us within 7 days of receipt. You must pay for shipping back to us.

4.7.3. We do not make cash refunds on wrong customer orders. We will however credit your account towards new purchases, less a handling charge of ฿100.00 and up to a 20% restocking fee. You are responsible for your own mistakes on any order. If you place an order over the phone, by fax, or by  email, you are responsible for the order as we can only order what you tell us. Please place your order online to be sure you are ordering the correct items. An order summary is provided when you check out. Confirm this information is 100% correct BEFORE you make your payment.

4.7.4. Refunds for non-shipped orders placed in error or cancelled by the customer: If  you  make an order, cancel it  before it has been shipped, and you require a refund of your payment, we will  transfer the amount  to your Thai bank only, less a banking  and administrative fee of 10%. Refunds may take up  to  30 days.

4.8 Shipping

4.8.1. SwimmingPoolsThailand reserves the right to choose the carrier at its discretion and to bundle or split deliveries where appropriate.

4.8.2. Delivery is subject strictly to the Terms & Condidtions of the carrier. SwimmingPoolsThailand accepts no responibility for shipping after handover to the carrier. On request, proof of shipment will be provided by  SwimmingPoolsThailand.

4.8.3. No  claims for  delayed order processing or delayed shipping can be addressed.

4.8.4. Labels are printed from the shop software from the address exactly as entered on the customer registration or order. SwimmingPoolsThailand accept no resposibility for lost or undeliverable shipments due to incorrect  addressing. All shipping addresses must include

  • street address, (Moo)
  • district (Amphoe)
  • sub district (Tambon)
  • province,(Changwat)
  • post code
  • local telephone number.

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, SwimmingpoolsThailand does not provide express delivery beyond delivery services available in Thailand.

Note: Customers paying by bank transfer have the added advantage of receiving an order confirmation by email before making payment.

5. Fair trading -  trade and products decriptions

5.1. operates under full 'fair trading' concepts as governed by Thai law. Our prices for products and services represent true market value or the recommended retail price, or lower discount prices.

5.2. We provide extensive product information on our web site, including, where applicable, product descriptions, downloadable brochures, the availability of service and replacement parts, warranties, and usage notes. Images and product descriptions are as provided by, and adapted from our suppliers' and/or manufacturers' information and are subject to alteration without notice.

5.3. We are not responsible for inacurate claims to product specificartion by the supplier or manufactuer. In the interests of design and improvement, products sold through our online store may differ slightly in colour, outward appearance, and technology. We are committed to updating the site content as soon as new details become available. We are not responsible for any manufacturers' or suppliers' misinformation; other products shown on  manufacturers'  brochures but not listed for sale on  our website or in  our  catalogude and which are not  generally available through SwimmingPoolsThailand.

5.4. SwimmingPoolsThailand is not responsponsible for providing product information beyond that which is provided by the manufacturer

6. Confidentiality

6.1. By using this web site you agree to customer details and communications provided by you to being stored in our database. By using our contact forms you agree to receive replies and further information about our products, services, and sales network

6.2. If you have checked the boxes, you may receive occasional emails or newsletters from us and our partners about new products, prices and promotions. We will not sell, hire, disclose or otherwise distribute your client details to any third parties outside our organisation. We reserve the right to send you important messages about your customer account at any time and about any specific product changes or prices whether or not you have opted out of future communications.

7. Password

7.1. All customers are required to create an account. Your password is your key to successful  shopping. Do not lose your password, passwords are encrypted in our database and our staff do not know them.

7.2. If you lose your password you can request a new one at  this page; a new one will be automatically generated and sent to you by our server. You can then change this again on your personal information page at on this page.

Note: To request a new password you must enter the email address that is currently registered by the shop software. If you do not know what this email address is, you will need to create a new account and you may lose any benefits accrued from your old account such as vouchers, credit  notes, bonus points, and any other privileges. If you can prove conclusiveley that you are the same person who created your previous account, we may be able to restore these benfits to you, but we are under no obligation to do so.

8. Guarantees and warranty

8.1. Possible guarantee issues should first be reported to SwimmingPools Thailand. We may offer help in resolving guarantee issues but is under no obligation to do so. Products for repair should not be sent to SwimmingPoosThailand without prior authority. Products that are received in a non-function condition or fail within 7 days will be replaced if reported and sent within 7  days (168 hours) of receipt. A tracking number is required as proof of shipment.

8.2. Self-repairs: Attempted self-repairs to equipment covered by a valid warranty will void the warranty.

8.3. For products purchased online and installed by SwimmingPoolsThailand, SPT Pools™, or their official contractor, additional exchange or infield repairs or service may be offered under the terms of SwimmingPoolsThailand, SPT Pools™ purchase order and/or installation sub-contracts.

8.4. In order for the guarantee to be valid for some technical products, manufacturers may require installation to be carried out and certified by an accredited swimming pool dealer or service agent. Installation organised by for products purchased from our online store is carried out by fully accredited manufacturers' or importers' agents. Gurantees may  be void if carried out by non-certified and/or self-acclaimed pool professionals.

8.5. Unless otherwise stated, all products purchased through SwimmingPoolsThailand are fully covered by manufacturers' guarantees that are in force for retail sale in  Thailand. Unless otherwise stated, SwimmingPoolsThailand offers no other additional product warranties.

8.6. SwimmingPoolsThailand accepts no responsibility for issues arising through non-fulfillment of manufacturers' obligations. Customers are advised to complete and return any guarantee registration certificates to the manufactures' sales departments.

8.7. Service and repairs are carried out by the Thailand based manufacturer's accredited service agents to whom faulty products must be returned at the customer's cost.

8.8. Guarantees generally cover parts and workshop labour only. On reception of authority to  return, goods should be forwarded, with proof of 
date of original purchase, to an Authorised Service Centre freight paid. Any travel and removal/reinstalling charges for goods repaired infield will be to the owner's account. Guarantee labour may be denied on goods not readily accessible for service personnel or mounted on exterior walls above single storey level or in underground machine rooms.

8.9. Spare parts are guaranteed when fitted in our workshop, by our service personnel infield, or by an accredited pool professional authorised by SwimmingPoolsThailand. There is no warranty on replacement parts supplied for D.I.Y. repairs.

8.10. D.I.Y (Do It Yourself) repairs carried out without the prior authority of SwimmingPoolsThailand, the manufacturer, or the manufacturer's agent, may void the warranty.

8.11. Transit: SwimmingPoolsThailand accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to products during transport to or from SwimmingPoolsThailand or their agents, or the manufacturer's agent.

8.12. SwimmingPoolsThailand are not responsible for any loss of use or private or commercial benefits due to downtime.

8.13. Gurantees are valid for first buyer only. They do not transfer with ownership of the purchased procuct(s). For official trading partners of SwimmingPoolsThailand other conditions may apply according to the signed partnership contract.

9. Empty section

10. Our rights

10.1.  Acceptance of orders: SwimmingPoolsThailand reserves the unconditional right to accept or decline orders from any customer for any reason. Payments for unfulfilled customers' orders declined by us will be refunded in full including prepaid shipping costs and bank transfer fees. This does not affect our trading terms as outlined in section 3. Refunds.

10.3. Infield service: Items supplied by or delivereed to the work site by  SwimmingPoolsThailand or their agents remain the propery  of SwimmingPoolsThailand until payment in full.

10.4. Closure of account: SwimmingPoolsThailand reserves the unconditional right to close any customer account without notice for any reason. Any cash-in-hand held by SwimmingPoolsThailand from time-valid unused credit notes will be refunded in full. This does not include cash payouts for bonus, fidelity, or referral schemes.

10.5. Fraud: SwimmingPoolsThailand  reserves the unconditional right to pursue attempted purchase, payment, or contract fraud; slander, libel, misrepresentation, or other action  defamatory or predjucial to the commercial operations of Swimming Pools (Thailand)  Ltd, with notification to legal enforcement agencies, ICANN, web registrars, legal representatives and ombudsmen,  and to issue writs of withdrawal and take-down orders to organisations publishing or electronically hosting such fraudulent claims.


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