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swimming pool filters in Thailand

Choosing your swimming pool filter in Thailand at our online pool shop

Swimming pools in Thailand should be filtered  completely in a total of about 6 hours pumping time (in the tropics) every 24 hours. Pumps and filters should be matched - a filter should preferably have a slightly higher flow rate than the pump.

Example 1: 10 x 4 metre pool, average depth 1.1m, volume 44m3. Pumping time 6 hours FLOW RATE 7.4 cubic metres per hour (download the comparison chart on each product page)

Example 2: 20 x 5 metre pool, average depth 1.1m, volume 110 m3. Pumping time 6 hours FLOW RATE 18.3 cubic metres per hour (download the comparison chart on each product page)

Swimming pool shop Thailand offers filters for all types of pools. Sand filters (also for Zelbrite™), cartridges, and diatomaceous earth (D.E.) filters. We also have replacement parts for all models. If you can't find what you're looking for, leave us a message or call us.

SAND FILTERS: The most convenient, economical, and hard-wearing type of swimming pool filter in  Thailand. They require the lowest maintenance and offer numerous advantages over other systems. The filters are economical to buy, easy to install, easy to maintain, have no moving parts, and the sand lasts for three or four years before needing to be changed. Replacing the sand (or other filter media) is easy and inexpensive although it can be a fiddly process. The sand is cleaned by simple backwashing and rinsing. Sand filters can also be used with Zelbrite™ instead of sand, thus offering up to 30 times greater filtration performance and comparable to, and even better than Diatomacious Earth (D.E.) filtration systems. Zelbrite™ is highly recommended for best results when used in combination with salt water chlorination systems. BE SURE to order sand or Zelbrite™ with your new sand filter - you may save on transportation costs. Use wsashed, graded silica sand - avoid beach sand or builders' sand.

Installing: be sure to check that the laterals are firmly screwed into the centre pipe and that  the filter is half full of water before adding sand or Zelbrite.

CARTRIDGE FILTERS provide convenience rather than economy, and are generally used in filtration systems for smaller and/or above ground domestic swimming pools. Modern cartridge filters offer good filtration levels with a slight increase in maintenance requirements compared with sand filters. Cleaned regularly, a cartridge may last for up to two years. Cartridges need to be removed for cleaning, thoroughly hosed down, and soaked in special cleaner for around 12 hours, after which they should be allow to dry completely before re-installation. Our cartridge filter systems are delivered with one free cartridge already installed. We recommend keeping a spare cartridge for use during cartridge cleaning to avoid down-time of the filtration system.

DIATOMACIOUS EARTH (D.E.) FILTERS offer excellent filtration properties rivaled only by Zelbrite™ in sand filters. D.E. filters cost more to buy and are more messy  and comlicated to maintain than sand or cartridge filters. The filter is cleaned by backwashing after which new powder must be added. When the filter grids show signs of wear and tear, they must be replaced. The entire D.E. filter should be completely disassembled and thoroughly cleaned at least once a year. We supply replacement grids for many brands and models of D.E. filters, please let us know what you need. We also supply D.E. powder at competitive prices. Be sure to order it with your new filter.

Spare parts: We stock most spare parts for all the Emaux filters we sell.

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