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A correct water balance and purity is essential to the successful hygiene of your water and bather comfort. A correct balance can also make significant savings in chemical costs.

We  offer a comprehensive pool water, and pool water supply analysis.
In some cases this is done with portable professional laboratory equipment, while sometimes we need to carry out more complex analysis in our lab.

You can send us a sample of your water for complete laboratory analysis for  26 test criteria.

Test results are supported with full recommendations for your immediate and on-going water treatment.

For full information, and how to  pay  for a water analysis, please see our product  page HERE.

If you are not sure what  to  do, please ask for details through our contact form, or call  0800-893646


We also offer a comprehensive range of digital  and titration  water testers. See  them  at Water testers.

Learn more about digital water testing HERE.



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